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    Your Favorite Super Mario Game



    What is your favorite?

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    Your Favorite Super Mario Game

    Post by Roy42 on Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:46 am

    For me, I can't really decide, each of the games had something interesting about it that was fun to play, but it also had something that made me wish it hadn't been made, for example.

    Super Mario Bros - First Super Mario game, everything was new and incredible, but lacking a save system and having slightly warped jumping physics was a real irritation.

    Super Mario Bros 2. - New characters, different approach to gameplay, almost a complete revision, but still no saving possible, plus it was really just a rehash of a different game.

    Super Mario Bros. 3 - Almost flawless, new power ups, better graphics, item storing system, everything was improved or brought on strong, but without the ability to play completed levels over again, it still can't be my favorite.

    Super Mario World - Again, improved on basically everything in the previous game, except for the item carrying system. Now you only get to hold onto one item, and if you get hit, say, in a spot you can't move back to, the automatic dropping of the item you were holding kinda screws you over.

    Super Mario 64 - First venture into 3D, just about everything was polished to mirror shine at this point, new power ups for Mario, new concept that worked, ultimate goal that kept you playing, the only thing that was wrong with it was that it just felt too easy, in comparison with the challenge the 2D games posed, this leap was very toned down to me.

    Super Mario Sunshine - Only because it was radically different did I find this one to have almost as many faults as the bonuses. On the one hand, the good things were that it looked really nice, interesting story, voice acting, not to mention the awesome platforming sequences when you didn't have the F.L.U.D.D, but the other hand is that not only was the main objective of using a high tech water pistol to clean up an island of muck just circus seal mad in a Mario game, when you were in the main hub, Delfino Plaza, it just felt too open world-ish, when you got to a certain point in the game, you never had any clear indication of what to do, you just kept playing and suddenly you got a new world, or power-up, or something else, the rant goes on for quite a while, but I might as well just save it for a full review.

    New Super Mario Bros. - This one got high up there as well, let's see, it is portable, it is really pretty, it uses concepts from the 2D and 3D games, actually, I don't think I can fault it, really, nope, it does enough new things to make the original gameplay feel welcome again, without drawing away from that gameplay that makes the 2D games fun.

    Super Mario Galaxy - The Good: More new concepts, transformation power-ups again, anti-gravity mind bending physics, beautiful graphics. The not good enough: In contrast to Sunshine, it just felt too linear, there was almost no exploration necessary to get the bonus stars, the requirements to progress further in the game were also much less than the predecessors.

    So, those are my thoughts on the Super Mario games, I can't really pick a favorite, can any of you?

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    Re: Your Favorite Super Mario Game

    Post by IamThePlatypus on Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:51 am

    Super Mario Bros. - Such a classic, I had it for GameBoy color, and I spent so many endless hours and self-induced bruises trying to beat this, but it certainly had quite a feeling of victory when I finally did beat it. Definitely a classic which speaks deeply to me. Smile

    Bros. 2 - I reeeeeally liked this one, played it first time on the Advance, and I think this may be my favorite. I remember playing it on my best friend's SNES (or original Nitendo - whatever they had). It was different, jumping on and throwing things instead of just jumping on them, being able to play as Peach and Toad - I always played as Peach cuz she could float... and she was a girl... XD Also the bosses were different - they took strategy and intelligence and reflexes to beat as opposed to some other ones. Not sure this is my FAVORITE, but it's definitely WAY up there. BIRDO!!!

    Bros. 3 - I know some people say this one's like, the best of the best since you can be a racoon and a frog and stuff, but this is honestly my least favorite of all of them. I had a hard time getting into it, I hated that you couldn't save anywhere you felt like it, it felt like kind of a step backward developmentally - the ability to play 2 player was cool and all, but I just had a hard time really getting into this game. Liked 2 better than it, and liked world WAAAAAY more.

    World - I'm definitely a fan of this one, it had fun music and getting to ride on Yoshis was fun, also played for the first time on Advance - good game, fun, different, always challenging trying to find the shortcuts and fly through as many levels as possible - get to the star levels, collect the gold coins (not sure they were part of the original game - were they?) But this was also a good one!

    64 - AMAZING!!! I would always watch my brother play this growing up because I SUCKED at it, but it always LOOKED like so much fun. I eventually got it for my DS and beat it - it's really awesome and the 3D makes a sweet advance - great levels and this introduces a new concept (getting stars, shine sprites, etc) that wold last for a good long time. AWESOME game. Penguins!

    Sunshine - shoulda been cool, didn't like the water-squirter, so I sucked. Never got very far at all.

    New Super Bros. - Fun, a nice retro feel with great graphics. It was fun, and honestly easier than the older games, but still a lot of fun to play. Fun graphics and great music made it... well... fun!

    Galaxy - Still working on beating this, but so far it's WAAAAY better than Sunshine, it's really hit on a concept that's never been done before - gameplay is fascinating, and the story is fun too! The 2nd player option is obnoxious, but if I got used to a little dot zipping around the screen all the time it might be okay. I'm not a big fan. Interesting world ideas, adorable and intricate graphics, and difficulty that I can stand, but I don't feel like I'm blowing RIGHT through the levels either. Some levels in particular are really challenging, while some are easier. My favorite of the more recent games to appear.

    So I think my favorite, I have to go with Super Mario Bros. 2 - a retro feel and gameplay that's original. I'll never get tired of playing this game.

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