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    Raging Bully


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    Raging Bully

    Post by Roy42 on Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:41 am

    Phineas enters a thumb-wrestling competition with the local bully, while Doofenshmirtz creates a hypnotic device to control people's minds so they will sing him Happy Birthday.

    Share your thoughts on this episode.

    Description copied from TV.com




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    Re: Raging Bully

    Post by PhineasFerbTones on Sat Jul 04, 2009 12:41 am

    When I watched this Episode the first time I was bored about the fight. I mean, I´ve wished me a fight with robots or a kind of that. Meanwhile I like this episode and I like the Song, too.
    Doofys Story was sooo sad. No one wants to celebrate his birthday Sad (but his parents doesn´t come to his birth....okay Very Happy)Why doesn´t Perry says just "happy birthday" to him? Perhaps Doofy doesn´t want to control the minds of other people. Well, Perry and he didn´t get along, but it´s Doofys birthday...


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    Re: Raging Bully

    Post by BigNeerav on Sat Jul 04, 2009 3:38 am

    Poor Doofy. Yet another story of sadness.......I am starting to think that everything that happened to him in the past is what is causing him (obviously) to become evil later on. Looks like Dr. Doofenschmirtz needs a lot of attention, but because he did not get it, he changed. Then again, that would be pretty bad if no one decided to celebrate my birthday, as what happened in that episode. As for the fight.......I was expecting a physical fight, but since it is Disney, I guess thumb wrestling will do.

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    Re: Raging Bully

    Post by IamThePlatypus on Sun Jul 05, 2009 12:19 am

    I thought the thumb wrestling thing was very clever - not because it's Disney and they can't show violence, but because it's Phineas and Ferb and what you expect something to be is never what it ends up being.

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    Re: Raging Bully

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