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    Christmas - 2010 Empty Christmas - 2010

    Post by Roy42 on Mon Dec 20, 2010 4:56 pm

    Yes, it's that time of year again: The time when I unjustifiably compare myself to my siblings in terms of the quality of the presents we got one another. And I totally won again this year.

    Before I continue, I'll just point out that unlike last year, I'm not going to dance around the fact that Christmas is the dominant holiday in most parts of the world. I'm sure everyone here respects whatever holiday you do celebrate, but I don't care to be as careful as I was last year. It's tedious.


    Automatically I was off to a good start with one of my brothers, since he and I agreed to just not get each other anything; partly because we would likely have given each other $50 and left the room completely the same as before, but mostly because he apparently doesn't buy into the celebration. Which is another way of saying he's a wuss. Or that he didn't like being stressed at this time of year.

    Supposedly, my immediate family will be celebrating 2011's Christmas on January 6th of 2012; having spent the time between the 25th and then buying stuff in the post-Christmas sales.

    My other brother was a lot easier this year. Where I spent $70 last year on a remote-control helicopter, one that I don't even know if he ever used, this year I managed to get him two presents and still be under the previous total. A Modern Warfare 2 poster was going to be all, but I happened upon a cheap book about fighter jets for twelve bucks and went with it.

    And since I've still got half of my stack of blank DVDs that I got last year to burn all of Scrubs on for my sister, I figure I'll cheap out on her once again by burning Dexter this year. The best part is she doesn't care for how much of a scab I am by doing that, because she likes the shows anyway.

    So this weekend was the Christmas lunch/dinner event with my full family. That's my grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, boyfriends/girlfriends of anyone who brought them, my grandparents' neighbours, some guy that I think was from the American Embassy or something, and by that point, 20 of our closest friends probably would have counted as 'family' too.

    Fortunately, this year I did not get my finger burned by melting-hot caramel and basically be in constant minor pain for the entire afternoon/evening, though. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to snag another fancy watch this year. Which would have been nice, because my current one stopped ticking several months ago. Guess I'll have to buy one myself now. (Dammit)

    Did get a $50 gift card to EB Games, though; pretty sweet. Also got a funny magazine. Basically it's all about Henry VIII and that general period of history, but told as if it's one of those Hollywood News type magazines, or whatever they're called.

    Plus a couple of shirts, which are always nice. But not much else besides that.

    So I'll be going to a few things with my immediate family (that is still going to consist of about ten other people somehow) on Christmas Day, but so far, it's been a not-too-terrible holiday season.

    How about any of you? Had good times so far? Or is school still in for you Americans¿




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