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    The Story


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    The Story

    Post by Roy42 on Fri Mar 06, 2009 2:56 am

    In the midst of all of the corporate buildings, ghetto streets and disgusting, virus ridden little shops in the city of "Internetania", there was one building in particular, one that stood far above the rest for those looking for information about television shows and actors. This place was known as "TV.com", it was welcomed, after it replaced the old humble little workshop of TVTome, but as it got bigger and bigger, a fault emerged…

    The heads of the building began thinking erratically, they started hiring building services to change the face of the company, altering it's logo and renovating the popular floors within, while some were left unaltered and gathered dust as they were frowned upon for not being new and shiny. Eventually, it didn't matter that this corporate building was full of informative guides, pictures, facts and discussion rooms for groups of people who favoured individual shows that were crammed into such a small place that wars between discussions would break out.

    The once shining corporation had become nothing more than a pretty face, that kept changing and altering, to the displeasure of the regular visitors to the building, especially when specific parts of the building were changed while others were left unchanged like the older areas, creating a mixed image, where the lights would be turned on and off in half of a room and left on in another, where the regular visitors felt alienated from the very discussion rooms they called a second home, where even a simple message to other people could not be delivered without various problems.

    But there was hope………

    One man saw this fault from the very start, as it corrupted the minds of the new visitors and the heads of the corporation, he watched it all and he planned against it, he knew he could not save the entire building, but he had a group of people special to him, a year spent seeing them and discussing his favorite show had grown on him, confiding in only one other, the man and his companion dove underground.

    The two tired, slaved, they worked themselves to their very limit, on top of returning to the forsaken building above to talk to their old friends and keep their lives normal in appearance, but all the while, they worked, for months on end they devoted all of their planning into escaping the confines of the building, they never lost sight of the goal, they sought for a place that they could control, where they would make the rules, a place with a relaxed feel, a casual hangout, a place with a flame proof entrance, a place that would only change when those who used it's facilities wanted it to change.

    Finally, the day came……

    Bruised and beaten, but with his work completed, the man burst into the TV.com corporate building, uttering the phrase "Moving Day's here." He and his companion had risen up, revealing their new paradise for their friends, revealing the place they had built and carved out of the earth, a vast expansion just below the building, a dark place, where the corrupting lights would not harm them, with a single, bright neon sign to guide them.




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