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    Community Rules and Guidelines


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    Community Rules and Guidelines

    Post by Roy42 on Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:46 am

    Here are all of the overall rules, guidelines and expectations of the community. The first expectation is that every user is expected to read these rules, despite most of them appearing when you registered, there is a very high chance most of you disregarded them.


    1. No extremities - It's assumed that you are mature enough to handle realities such as slightly unclean language, as such, light and medium swearing is not prohibited, however it is not encouraged. Any severe, aggressive, slanderous messages, any direct or indirect insults towards a user or their way of thinking, are all prohibited.

    2. No messages that promote or evoke illegal practices. A single mention of anything that can be even closely related to this subject will be cause for immediate deletion of account.

    3. No double posting - There is no excuse for double posting here. Each user has a preference to be notified about replies that may be posted while they are composing their own messages, turned on by default. Even if a user turns this option off, the edit function will work with any browser capable of displaying this site.

    4. No intentionally bad grammar and/or spelling - Writing an entire reply in SMS style, (e.g lol wot r u doni atm? srry g2g cya l8r) is irritating to read for many people; Users are not expected to live up to the standards of a grammar nazi, however keeping your messages in understandable English is a bare minimum, it does not take much effort at all to get it right.

    5. No Off Topic Posting - As with double posting, this is inexcusable. There is a forum for nearly any standard topic, if you cannot find an appropriate forum to create a thread in, do not create one in a random forum or attempt to segue an existing conversation into the topic you wish to talk about, simply create a thread in the Club Lounge. Any off topic posts or threads will be either deleted or moved to the appropriate part of the forum.

    6. Be Honest - No user is expected to divulge any personal information, pictures, name, age, etc. It is the right of every user to keep whatever they wish to themselves, but any user that does wish to give personal info, such as age, is expected to be honest, do not say that "I might be this age, but I might be this age also…", either give your real age/name/picture etc. or don't.


    Any infractions to these rules will result in various levels of punishment, from having the post deleted, to being suspended, to being banned from the community altogether, any consequences are at the moderators and administrators discretion and can be carried out with or without warning to the user.

    Please remember, this is a friendly forum community, and while the focus is to have fun in our discussions, it can and is intended to be carried out in a responsible manner. Lastly, all users are expected to look at the "How to use this forum" thread in each forum, detailing the rules of each individual forum, and obey them, in addition to these rules.

    Thank you for reading, and please enjoy your time at the Phineas and Ferb Community Forum.




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