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    Post by tlegg on Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:18 am

    What does everyone think of this guy?

    Personally I think he’s a decent enough writers, not the best I think that really belongs to audreylynne,

    I have several problems with his work,

    First the early Candace bashing, okay he seems to of gotten the message and developed her a bit more but, the earlier stuff was just stupid and vindictive, having her beaten up for no reason,

    Secondly he makes Phineas seen extremely irresponsible, in a earlier of the new adventures, he yells at Candace, who was sent to military school in a huge rip off of
    Malcolm in the middle (I go of in a tangent about the whole ‘let’s add characters from one show in to another story idea” but we’d be here for a while,”)

    Anyway Phineas is rude to her, but the thing technically the reason for all of the problems in her life is him, he didn’t try to tell Linda the truth or even stop the experiments he’s just willing just to get rid of your sister just to get rid of her, yeah it creates a plot line for her, but it’s still stupid this ties into my earlier complaint of Candace,

    Again some of the earlier Family guy stuff as quite good, and even when he ripped off jokes he admitted where they were from

    Again while I don’t like this I do admit he’s improving

    but still

    Anyway what do guys you think of him

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